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  • Logging In

    Instructions for creating your account, logging in, and resetting your password, and more.

  • Analyzing Your Data

    Instructions on using Counts and Crosstabs to analyze your data and surface insights on your organizing efforts.

  • FAQs

    Documents that are helpful for an understanding of our VAN and it's policies.

  • Bulk Uploads

    Instruction on how you can easily upload data files from Excel into VAN

  • Getting Started

    Detailed instructions on how to get started on Hubdialer and Call out the Vote!

  • FAQs

    Info about who you'll be talking to, and what to do if you run into tech problems!

  • Search Criteria

    Instructions on what each section within Create-A-List allows you to search on and best practices and pro tips for usin

  • Saved Searches and Lists

    A few articles on considerations to keep in mind when creating, saving, and reporting on saved searches and lists in Eve

  • Editing A Search

    Instructions and best practices around using 'Add Contacts', 'Remove Contacts', and 'Narrow Contacts' in Create-A-List

  • Activist Codes to Segment Members

    Learn how to create and use activist codes to keep track of your members: their roles in your group, their dietary prefe

  • Quick Add New Contact

    Instructions on how to manually enter your members into EveryAction and best practices when doing so.

  • Updating A Contact Record

    Best practices on how to update a group member's information/contact record in EveryAction.

  • FAQs

    Common questions that arise when adding or modifying contact records in EveryAction

  • Bulk Uploads

    Information on how to format and upload a spreadsheet to add new contacts, or edit existing contacts, in bulk in EveryAc

  • Creating An Event

    instructions on how to create and event in EveryAction that will show up on the Indivisible Event Map.

  • Scheduling People for Events

    Instructions and Best Practices for scheduling members and attendees into events

  • Deleting Events

    Instructions on deleting events and best practices before deciding to do so.

  • Editing Events

    Instructions for how to properly edit events and modify event details.

  • Advocacy Forms

    Information on EveryAction's email and social advocacy forms, which Indivisible groups nationally use for state and loca