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Action IDs for Group Leaders

Note: If you haven't been through our VAN intake process or you're looking to help group members make Action IDs, you should read this article instead.

Creating an Action ID:

If you've volunteered in the past for political campaigns, you may already have an Action ID. You can use this same ActionID to log in to IndivisibleVAN, and VAN will make sure to keep your current work separate from what you've done in the past. If you don't already have an ActionID, these instructions will show you how to create one. 


Once you've filled out the VAN intake form and attended a training, you'll get an email from one of our Data Team members  with the subject line “You’ve Been Invited to Join Indivisible (TMC) on SmartVAN (Your State)”. Click "Accept Invitation"

Please Note: This link expires in 48 hours, so be sure to start the sign up process as soon as possible. Please reach out to the Data Team member who initially sent you the email if the link has expired.

Clicking the button will take you to where you will be asked to "Create ActionID Account".

If you already have an Action ID, you can click "Log In" and log in using your existing account. Remember that you can always reset your password if you need to. 

If you don't think you have an ActionID (this is most people), fill out the form and click "Create Account"

If you get an error that looks like this, it means you already have an account! Try logging in. 

You may also see a screen that looks like this. This means that you already have an account -- just click the button that says "Link to ActionID".

Setting up Your PIN: 

On the next page you will pick a 4 digit PIN number - think of this as your secondary password you'll use every time you come back to VAN after some time has passed. Make sure this PIN is something that you can remember under any circumstance. Instead of typing in the numbers, VAN has you type in the letters corresponding with your PIN. 

Based on the screenshot below, if your PIN is 1234, you would type in LQIX. Then click "Verify PIN". The next screen will ask you to confirm your PIN with the same method but different letters. The letters change each time for security purposes - don’t let it trip you up! Remember your numbers, and type in the letters that match those numbers each time you have to enter your PIN. 

Those who are just using MiniVAN and OpenVPB don’t have to go through this step, so don’t worry about it for your group members!

AND YOU'RE DONE! Congratulations, you’ve made it to your home page! 

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