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Log In: 

Check your inbox for the confirmation email you received from Indivisible Team when you signed up for your call shift.

Click on the link to sign in to Hubdialer. The Hubdialer campaign ID and passcode will automatically populate for you. 

Read the Instructions:

Read through the instructions on the page. This will cover the process for receiving calls, as well as how to submit answers from the voters. 

You’ll also see a preview of the script you’ll be using for your calls. Take time to read the entire script - you’ll be saying it a lot! You can also see a template script here.

Once you’ve read the instructions, click “Let’s Get Started” 

Pair your phone:

On the next page, select Dial In to call the Hubdialer system.

Listen to the automated message. It will read you a code over the phone, which must be entered on the screen. This connects the computer and your phone so that they system can make calls for you and you can see the correct info on your screen. 

Once you’re done, don’t hang up! Click “Start Calls” to begin.

Make Calls and Enter Data:

When you’re ready to be connect, click “Make Call” to begin.

Read through the full script for each call. Click “Next Call” to move into the queue and be connected to your next call. 

Be sure to fill out their answers on the screen as you’re speaking with them. Use the “Notes” section for any questions.

Don’t hang up between calls. If you want to take a break, or end your shift, click “This is my last call”, and you’ll be removed from the queue. If you’re getting stuck, or you accidentally hang up, just log out and log back in!

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