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Saving Searches and Lists

Saving Searches and Lists

SELECT "Save List As" from the upper right corner of the My List page.

VAN allows the option to save a list either as a fixed set of people (Saved List), or as a dynamic search (Saved Search). This means your criteria is saved, and can the list be updated to include new voters as voter profiles are updated. We recommend always saving your lists as saved searches, to make it easier to adjust the criteria of the list in the future. 

Create a folder to house the list. Lists can be saved into existing folders, or a new folder can be created from this screen. These folders can always be accessed from the Lists section in the middle column of the Main Menu. It is best practice to name your folders and lists something that you will easily remember, and that includes your group's name. Including your group's name will assist the Data Team in troubleshooting issues you may be having by allowing us to locate your folders and lists quickly. 

Sharing searches and lists 
VAN allows users to share lists with each other, so that, for instance, turfs created by one user can be viewed and printed by another. To adjust a list’s sharing settings:

View the folder
From the Main Menu, select View My Folders in the Lists section. Open the desired folder and click the Edit Folder button in the upper right.

Add user access
From the Edit Folder page, access to the folder can be granted or removed for other users in the VAN. Simply select the user(s) who need(s) access, and add them to the appropriate column.

After you have added all desired users, click the "Save" button in the lower right corner. And that's it! The other users now have access to your folder and the lists in it so you can work together! 

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