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Counts and Crosstabs

Counts & Crosstabs 

Counts and Crosstabs is used for demographic analysis of voters, so you know who is in your list. It provides a snapshot of a voter population using pre-defined criteria. Select the Counts button at the top of the My List page and Run Quick Counts and Crosstabs the click NEXT.

Counts search criteria 

Once inside Counts and Crosstabs you can build your table to analyze your list by a variety of search criteria: Activist Codes, Data Field, Scores, Self-Reported, Survey Questions. Hovering your cursor over an icon will reveal more information about each action. 

You select your criteria to build a table. In the example below, we have selected Age and Sex. Other options for search criteria include: general and primary voting history, race, ethnicity, precinct, etc. 

The table this search built is below.

Counts & Crosstabs helps you analyze who is in your list. 

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