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Who owns EveryAction?

Indivisible HQ has contracted with a vendor, NGP VAN, to purchase the use of EveryAction for the Indivisible network. HQ works with NGP VAN to acquire the tool, build the system to support the needs of all groups, and make it accessible to everyone who wants it. We will also provide trainings and support staff to assist groups with using this system.

Acquiring this resource on your own can cost a group between $2000 to $4000 a month. HQ is providing this valuable resource to groups for free. Because group members will be accessing EveryAction as users under HQ’s agreement with NGP VAN, HQ is responsible for ensuring that its users comply with EveryAction’s rules and restrictions. This is why we ask each user to sign the EA User Agreement, which lays out those rules and restrictions as they apply to your use of the tool.

The EA User Agreement also recognizes that groups own the data they put into the tool, as well as the data they gather about their members. This information will be exported for groups if they stop using EA for any reason. One important caveat is that groups are not allowed to export data about people that is from the voter file, because that data is subject to user agreements between HQ and the voter file vendors.

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