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Is HQ going to use our data? Why and how?

Before getting access to this tool, each user who will have access to the tool must sign the EveryAction User Agreement, which governs how the EA platform, and the data put into that platform, can be accessed and used by the individual users and by HQ. This agreement has four main points:

  • Groups will have the ability to match group members to their information in the voter file. This gives groups access to a wealth of information: address, political districts, additional phone numbers, and more. HQ is also happy to help with this process if you have a list of members names and addresses.

  • To support groups in building their power, HQ will develop ways to drive individuals from our national list to local groups.

  • HQ will email group members, asking them if they want to join the national list (opt-in). If they say no, or if they do not respond, they will not be added to the national list. We are working on a way to leverage this opt-in ask as a way to gather information for groups.

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