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How can using Indivisible’s EveryAction grow my group’s power?

Groups can use EA to build their own power by tracking information about their members and using that information to make targeted and more efficient asks. Groups will be able to know who shows up to meetings and actions, who is interested in gun violence prevention or democracy reform, and use that information to increase participation and identify leaders. Because EA is also an email CRM, groups can start to centralize their communications with their members.

Because HQ has a large, national bullhorn, we are able to help identify and recruit new members for local groups. HQ is committed to encouraging individuals who volunteer for national actions to also connect with a local group, because we believe that involvement in a local group is key to long-term movement building.

One specific way HQ leverages national resources to promote local groups is by including links to local events in many of the emails we send. By having events created in EveryAction show up on the map, we create a pipeline from our national email audience to local groups’ events.

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