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How is EveryAction different than MyVoters?

EveryAction and MyVoters are made by the same company, NGP VAN, so there are many similarities between them. The primary difference between EveryAction and MyVoters is the source of the data. MyVoters contains the whole voter file, which is primarily data collected from voter registration forms. EveryAction data contains information that Indivisible groups and staff put into it.

The other major difference is that EveryAction has many features centered around events. In EveryAction, groups can track and record who RSVPs for and attends events. This allows groups to better evaluate and identify leaders in their networks. MyVoters has no event-tracking features. A detailed breakdown of the differences and similarities of EveryAction and MyVoters are below.

EveryAction and My Voters comparison chart

EveryAction and My Voters Comparison Chart (download file for full readable chart)

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