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Phonebanking 101 - Step By Step Guide

Logging In 

Whether you chose to phone bank from the comfort of your home, or decide to participate in a phonebanking event with other local or national Indivisible members, these steps will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. 

  • Navigate to the OpenVPB via the link provided by your group leader or Organizer. Your screen will look like the image below.  

  • Click the ‘Get Started’ button.

Log in with Action ID or Create Account

  • Log in with your Action ID information. If you do not have an Action ID, create one via the ‘Create an Action ID Account’ link below the login fields, or by following these directions to make an account 

  • Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the ‘Join a Phone Bank’ screen. Click the ‘Join a Phone Bank’ button.

Start Making Calls!

  • If prompted to, enter the eleven to fourteen digit Virtual Phone Bank Code from the end of the OpenVPB link you received. It will look like the following example: ABCDEFG-1234567.

  • The system will begin prepping your session, and your screen will refresh with your first voter’s information and the script. 

  • On the left portion of your screen is the ‘About’ section for the voter you are attempting to contact (See image below). This section will contain important info such as the voter’s phone number, voting city/state/zip, and other information that will aid you in your conversation with the voter. 

  • To the right/main portion of your screen you will see the voter’s name and phone number you’ll be attempting to contact them at (See image below). Below the name and number is the script that will guide you through your conversation with the voter. 

  • As you scroll down through the script, you will notice drop down fields throughout the script. These drop down fields are where you will record the answers to the questions you will be asking the voter. It is very important to select an answer for each question as they answer. If a voter chooses not to answer a particular question, leave the drop down for that question blank, but input the answers for the questions that the voter does answer. The script is a guide to what you should say, but the most important thing is to have a real conversation and share why you are supporting your candidate, issue, or piece of legislation. Use the script as a guide (and ask all the questions!) but speak from your heart.

  • After you have gone through the entire script with the voter and have ended the conversation, you will see two buttons at the bottom to choose from. One is the ‘Stop Making Calls’ button and the other is the ‘Save & Next Call’ button.

*Note: the phone number of the caller is directly under their name and also under “Preferred Phone” in the left pane - but for security purposes, it will not be shown here.

  • The ‘Stop Making Calls’ button will save the info you just recorded for the voter whose profile screen you are on and will end your phone banking session for you. Once you click that button, it will take you to the ‘Thank You’ screen and ask you to confirm that you are ready to end your phone banking session. Your options on this screen are: ‘Make More Calls’ to return to the phone bank, or ‘Leave Session’ to end your phone banking session. 

  • The ‘Save & Next Call’ button will save the info you input for the voter you just finished speaking with and take you to the next voter to call. 

  • If you could not reach the voter, click the red ‘I Couldn’t Reach (voter name)’ below their name and number, and a drop down with options will appear. This guide will go over the options available. Select the appropriate option according to the guide and the descriptions for each option.

  • Once you have marked the voter with the correct ‘I Couldn’t Reach’ response, click ‘Save & Next Call’ to move on to the next voter. If you accidentally clicked the ‘I Couldn’t Reach’ button, click ‘Cancel’ to go back to the script and input the answers to the questions that the voter answers.

End Your Phone Bank 

  • Finally, when you have reached the end of your time allotted to make calls, navigate the bottom right of the screen and choose “Stop Making Calls”. Once selected, a pop up will appear: 

  • You can either keep making calls or leave the session. If you press the x at the top corner, the system will ask you to keep making calls. If you choose "Leave Session", you'll be logged out. 

Thank you for phone banking with Indivisible!

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