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Event Creation Checklist

Step 1: Go to Events on your Home Screen.

Step 2: Click Create New Event and select your event type

- Check "publish online signups forms" for Online Actions is selected

- Must make sure timezone is correct (All timezones in "event list" are set to Eastern, so if you're in a different time zone, the event list will seem off.)

- Make sure you have only used internal event title and description. (Dont forget, internal will automatically populate to "public". You must fill in the description in the internal box.)

- Make sure you Add a host to event!

  1. Must add host for it to function on the map correctly.

  2. Host is added in the Event Lead section (after event creation)

  3. Hosts need to have an email address

  4. If you add more than one host, the map will ONLY show the first person added               

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