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Using Quick Look-Up

Step 1: Select Quick Look Up from the Home Screen.

Step 2: Enter any information you have about the person you’re looking up. Click Search.

Step 2a: If one of the results is a match, click that person’s name to open their profile.

Step 2b: If no results match, click Search the Voter File. This will search the list of registered voters. If one of the results is a match, click the radio button next to their name and click Copy Person to add this person toEveryAction. If there are still no matches, click Add New Contact to create a new EveryAction profile.

Step 3: On the profile screen you can view and edit fields ranging from Addresses and Phones t o SurveyResponses, Contact History, and more.

Please Note: Sometimes, multiple results show up in Quick Look Up under the same name. There may be multiple contacts with the same name, or they may be duplicates. If data such as address, email, and/or age match up, you may be reasonably confident that two contacts represent the same person.

In this case you can check both names and click Merge Duplicates. This will combine the entries into one contact, which will better allow us to track contact attempts, events, and other data about the person. Use care when merging duplicates. Sometimes there really are many people with the same name, and often an adult and child can share the same name and address.

Tip: Keep in mind that you can supply too much information when searching for someone. If you aren’t able to find someone using their full name OR a partial name in case of typos. For example, if you are searching for Xena Warrior Princess, you might search “LAST: Prin, FIRST: Xe”.

Tip: The search interface also incorporates SmartName technology. If you search for someone with the first name “John,” it will return results for John, nicknames for John (like Jack or Johnny) and similar names (like Jon).

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