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Editing a Saved Search or List

Edit the search, if necessary

In addition to adjusting the search criteria of the list, users sometimes need to edit their saved search or list. All saved lists and searches are in View My Folders. Choose the list or search you want to edit from your folders. 

Once you have chosen, you will taken to the My List page. Then click the "Edit Search" in the upper right corner. 

The "Edit Search" button uses the previously pulled list or search as a starting point, and performs new commands to add or remove people from it based on the new criteria you add to the steps. Hovering your cursor over each option will reveal details on what actions will be performed by each command.

You can:

  • Add people - a feature that let's you add new people to your list to make it larger
  • Remove people - a feature that allows you to remove people to make your list smaller
  • Narrow people - a feature that allows to you make your list smaller by narrowing to a specific subsection of people (ex. narrow your list to just the people who voted in 2018) 
  • Narrow by Sample - a feature that allows to you make your list smaller by narrowing to a specific number (ex: 500 people) that are randomly chosen from your those already in your list. 
  • Household - a feature that allows you to narrow your list to 1 person per house, address, or phone number. 

Pro Tip: Once you have edited your saved search or list, save it as a new list or search and keep the original. You never know what you will need and you can always save more!

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