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How to Bulk Upload

Start by selecting ‘Run Bulk Upload’ then ‘Upload a New File’ from the Load Data menu.

Choose which type of bulk upload you would like to do. Note that the first column must be a VANID, if that is the mode you choose. Whatever mode you choose, whether it be VANID or another ID type, that ID must be in the first column. So if you are uploading based on a state voter file ID, the mode would be State ID and that information must be in the first column of your file.

Pro Tip: Save your list as a CSV file and not an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file before uploading!

In EveryAction where users are allowed to create new records, you might see an option to Bulk Upload people with "Load new people directly". You can also choose to see an error report for your file by checking 'Enable Advanced Error Handling and Reporting'. Then, click Upload.

If your upload is successful, you will be taken to the Mapping Template to Apply New Mapping, using the dropdown. If you scroll down past this top portion of the screen you will be able to see the Sample Data of the file you just uploaded.

Select the mapping result you would like to map, using the Apply New Mapping dropdown. Note that you may be asked to fill out additional information such as canvasser and date depending on which field you are updating. When finished click Next. Then click Finish and then Finish again. Your bulk upload is now complete!

Pro Tip: Save Your Mapping Template for future uses! Click in the top right corner next the Finish button. 

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