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What are call dispositions, and how are they defined?

Call dispositions are how we mark the status of a call. You'll see them listed in the left column of Hubdialer when you're connected with a caller.

Not Home - This response is used when voters we're trying to reach does not answer the phone. Also, this response is used generally when you cannot reach the voter, but the situation doesn’t fall in any of the responses below.

Wrong Number - The person who answered the phone, who owns the number, is not the voter we're trying to reach, or no longer lives at that household. 

Refused/Hung Up - This response is only used when three things are true: 1) You know you are talking to the voter you want to contact, 2) the voter knows who you are and why you are calling and 3) the voter indicates that they're not interested in speaking with you.

Do Not Call - The voter asks to be removed from future contact.

Language barrier - The voter’s primary language is one that is not English. This is used mainly when the conversation could not happen because of a language barrier.

Deceased - The voter being called is no longer alive.

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