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Email vs. Social Advocacy Forms

EveryAction advocacy forms can be set up to either send an email to your campaign targets or to send a tweet to campaign targets.

Which delivery method should you choose? It depends:




Any number of targets

One or few targets


Any number of people taking action

A large number of people taking action


Complicated and/or cannot be summarized in 280 characters

Clear even when tweeted in under 280 characters


Either your audience or your target(s) are not active on Twitter.

Both your target(s) and your audience are on Twitter.

Jargon? Here’s what these terms mean:

  • Targets: The people you are sending a message to, e.g. Electeds.
  • Audience: The people sending this message, e.g. group members.
  • Ask: What you are asking targets to do, e.g. support H.R. 1.


Before setting up either a social or email advocacy form, you will need to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your campaign?
  2. Who is/ are your target(s)?
  3. Who is your audience? 
  4. Are your targets and your audience on Twitter?
  5. Are you using a social or email advocacy form?
  6. What will you say to get people to take action?
  7. What will your template tweet or email say? 
  8. And, if it is a tweet, is it less than 280 characters? 

    1. Are you including the relevant hashtags?

Remember: EveryAction advocacy forms are only available to groups already on EveryAction. If your group is not signed up for EA, click here to learn more about the tool and apply to use it.

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