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Why use OpenVPB?

What is OpenVPB? How is it different from other ways Indivisible phonebanks?

OpenVPB - which stands for Open Virtual Phone Bank - is a phonebanking platform available via VAN. When using OpenVPB, callers dial the number of each voter in the list using their own phones - unlike our other platform, Hubdialer, an “auto-dialer” that anonymizes your number and continuously dials for you until someone picks up. The OpenVPB program allows a bit more control over where you are calling into than Hubdialer campaigns allow.

How is OpenVPB effective? Who are we calling? What are we calling about? 

OpenVPB phone numbers come from the public voter file of each state and consist of people who are likely to support our candidates, issues, and causes, but may need that extra nudge to vote or take action and make their voice heard. We call these voters to encourage them to vote for candidates in their state or federal elections, take action around important issues and bills moving through Congress and/or their state legislature, and to provide necessary information about their polling places, and when, where, and how they can vote.

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